Women today is what power looks like in action- achieving glory in all sides of life; the world of sports is equally in debt to women that offered so much. Breaking the stereotypes of extremities is only meant for men, these women have championed commendable valor in some of the most extreme sports till date.

Here is a list of 7 wonderful women who dared leap beyond the extreme and have gained glory. Check out the names of women who championed extreme sports-

  1. Shanaze Reade- Motocross Racer

This former professional British Bicycle Motorcross racer and track cyclist is a real idol. Reade began racing at the age of 10 in the year 1988. Nurturing great love for the sport, she began racing at the age of 17 with men at the 2005 National Championship. Her injuries couldn’t resist her from racing and in 2006 she earned the title of British National No.1 in the 19 & Over Elite Men category and also won a World Championship title in Brazil. However, previously she performed as a Track & Field enthusiast but later on got involved in BMX.

  1. Lizzie Armanto- Skateboarding

An American professional skateboarder, Lezzie started skating in the year 2007 along with her brother and developed love for the sport. Claiming awards in a male dominated sport, Lizzie by now had earned over 30 awards. In the year 2013, Lizzie won gold at the first ever Women’s Skateboard Park event at X Games in Barcelona. Lizzie expressed in an interview that skating with boys makes her work hard and push her limits.

  1. Kelly Clark- Snow Boarding

This American snow boarder started quite young at 7 years old. She began competing in 1999 which was a bit longer time since when she started but ever since she started there was no looking back. At age 18, Clark became the member of the US snowboarding team. At 2002 Winter Olympics, Kelly won a gold medal in the women’s halfpipe. She has over 70 awards to her name and is inspiring women across the globe. Kelly also started her own foundation- The Kelly Clark Foundation, which provides resources and support to young snowboarders to fulfill their goals.

  1. Alana Blanchard- Surfing

An American professional surfer, Amanda Blanchard is also a model. Often referred to as the ‘mermaid’, Alana hails from Hawaii and began surfing at a young age of 4. With sheer dedication and years of practice, Blanchard won several awards and also occupied the first position in short board at the 2005 T&C Women’s Pipeline Championships. Apart from this, Blanchard also designs and models Rip Curl swimwear, which specializes in surfing wetsuits.

  1. Ashley Fiolek- Motorcross Racer

“When there is a will, there is a way”- holds so true with Ashley Fiolek who is an American motorcross racer with intense deafness. Fiolek was born with this disability but she didn’t let it create any hindrance to her dreams. Racing since age 7, Fiolek earned several awards including the Women’s Pro National Motorcross Champion and X-Games Super.

  1. Clair Marie- Base Jumper

Popularly known as the ‘Base Girl’, Clair Marie is a treat to watch when in action. She started her passion for the sport at an early age of 8. Ever since she fully lived her love for the sport and at the age of 16 became the youngest women in the history of Base Jumping. Apart from that, Marie is also living her passion for adrenaline and travelling and yes she also teaches people about base jumping. A headstrong woman, Marie loves what she does and is inspiring women worldwide.

  1. Meagan Ethell- Wakeboarding

Popularly known as Wakeboarding’s next leading lady, Meagan Ethell started nurturing love for the sport at very young age and by the age of 11, she started taking the sport quit seriously. By the age of 15, Ethell has some of the most prestigious awards to her name. Megan now 18 had started working with major sports brands such as Liquid Force, Red Bull and Nautique. She earned the award of Best Female Wakeboarder at the 2015 Wake Awards.

So that was list! These women are not only great sportspersons but are subject of sheer admiration and inspirations.



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