Coleen Rooney who is pregnant with Wayne’s fourth child had refused to speak about the incident when her husband was caught drink driving another women’s car. To this Carol McGiffin had made very clear that she has no sympathy for Coleen and that it is all her fault! Wow that was rude.

McGriffin who is a known face from Loose Women has very openly said she doesn’t feel sorry for Coleen.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney who is arrested for drink and drive was on a wild night out with Laura Simpson when the former also exhibited some improper behavior while his wife was on a holiday with her three children.

Carol McGiffin

Well this is what candid Carol has to say, “Wayne being a disrespectful t**t isn’t the problem here, it’s Mrs Rooney’s serial forgiveness. He is obviously a child who, unless he’s punished properly for bad behavior, will keep repeating it. She should know this – she’s a mother of three more much smaller children.”

“This time, she should have red-carded him shown him what he stands to lose rather than thinking about what she might. Because even if she doesn’t really care about what he may or may not have done, she should care deeply about the worldwide ritual humiliation he puts her family through.”

Ever since the incident, the couple had been under constant scrutiny and now there is doubt regarding the survival of the marriage of the couple.

The Mirror reported-their relationship seems wounded after Laura revealed that she and the football star had cuddled and kissed during the wild night. What was even shocking and hurting was when she admitted that they might have taken things further had Wayne not been stopped by police.


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