Evgenia Medvedeva will miss Russia’s upcoming figure skating championships as the two-time world champion continues her recovery from a broken right foot, according to Russia’s figure skating federation.

The 18-year-old missed the Grand Prix Final with a fractured metatarsal and hasn’t competed since winning the NHK Trophy in November. She revealed to The Associated Press that her two Grand Prix wins this season were achieved on painkillers because of the break.

Medvedeva was part of a Russian delegation that spoke to the International Committee on the day it ruled to ban the country from the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The IOC is allowing individual Russian athletes “under strict conditions” to compete as an “Olympic Athlete from Russia [OAR]” without their national flag or anthem, according to the organization.

At the time, Medvedeva wouldn’t say if she’ll compete as a neutral. “It will be discussed more and it’s very early to ask questions like that,” she said. The announcement comes one day after a report that reigning world and Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanu will miss Japan’s national championships due to an injured right ankle.


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