World Cup is a big event and Iceland has become the smallest nation ever to make it big after beating Kosovo.

It’s a grand success which we have witnessed with Iceland winning over and qualifying for the Word Cup, to which their President Gudni Bergsson said, “good team spirit and understanding” had led the team to win and that too win good.

Now a country with only a population of 335,000 people, topped Group I with a 2-0 win over Kosovo on Monday.

“We all enjoy it when smaller teams have success,” said the ex-Bolton man.

“The team is well organised and difficult to break down, which is why they are producing these results.”

Inputs as that and results as such are lesson to the world to realize the spirit of unity or teamwork which becomes very essential at major events like that of World Cup.

With all teams working hard and really struggling to get through the qualification have made the game hard to win. Several giants of the world game are struggling for qualification for the World Cup with three-time runners up the Netherlands all but out, while Portugal and Switzerland face a huge match to see who finishes top of European qualifying Group B on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile star player Lionel Messi and Argentina are in trouble in South American qualifying and look like they need a need a win at altitude in Ecuador in the early hours of Wednesday morning – and even that might only be enough to earn a play-off spot.

Iceland made it to the quarter-finals at Euro 2016 in France having beaten England and secured a draw with eventual winners Portugal in the group stages.

And Bergsson, who made 319 appearances for Bolton and 88 for Spurs before retiring to become a lawyer in his home country, said the whole of Iceland is now in “party mood”.

“It is incredible for us to qualify for the World Cup. Everybody here is absolutely thrilled and it is a great experience for us,” he told BBC Sport.

“The players have done so fantastically well.

“This generation of players have played together for a long time and have created a good team spirit and understanding between themselves.

“I think our fans were excellent at the Euros – that spirit came across to the general public of football fans.

“We appreciate that people want us to do well and we hope we can repay their support in Russia at the World Cup.”


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