On Wednesday’s NASCAR America, Danica Patrick confirmed that she would continue racing next year only if she finds a competitive ride. She said, “For me, it’s obviously figuring out what to do next and how it looks. If I’m going to race for another team. If I’m going to going to keep going; if I’m not. All that stuff is getting figured out right now.”

The car racing driver is finishing her fifth full season in the premier series of NASCAR, driving the No. 10 Ford. “I’m very open-minded. With anything in life you can’t force things to happen. You can force, but you pay the price at some point in time. You prolong the pain or have to clean up a mess later.”, she said.

Danica Patrick added, “So I’m just in a ‘go with the flow’ mode. What comes will come. And it’s going to be great. It’s going to all be wonderful. All I know is I keep in mind all the things I want for my life, and everything will fit in according to that.”

She also said, “If I continue, it’s going to be with an opportunity that gives me a chance to win. I hold myself to the highest standard of racing for the best team and having a chance to win and going up and winning. And everybody else did, too”.

“I looked at it like everyone kept seeing me that way. I feel like it’s a positive. Everyone believes I can win like I believe I can win. So not doing it feels unfortunate.”, she added.



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