International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially made an announcement that Paris and Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympic Games in the year 2024 and 2028 respectively. Thomas Bach, the President of IOC said, “Congratulations to Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028! This historic double allocation is a ‘win-win-win’ situation for the city of Paris, the city of Los Angeles and the IOC”.

“These are two great cities from two great countries with a great Olympic history. Both cities are very enthusiastic about the Games and are promoting the Olympic spirit in a fantastic way.”, Bach added.

Paris will host 2024 Olympics whereas Los Angeles will host 2028 Olympics
Paris will host 2024 Olympics whereas Los Angeles will host 2028 Olympics

The mayors of both cities also expressed their happiness. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles said,”Bringing the Olympics back home to LA gives us the chance to imagine what our city will look like a decade from now. LA is a city where the Games are not a barrier to making progress; we know that they are an accelerating force to re-envisioning a better city and a better world in the days ahead as we welcome you back to the City of Angels”.

Garcetti added that “To me, this is truly a day of real emotion. “What does history feel like? It feels like this. And it’s not just the happiness of the win. It’s actually the joy of the beginning, that our beginning starts now”. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris said, “Today I am delighted to invite you to join the great family of Parisians, a family which belongs to the world”.

Los Angeles will host the Olympics for the third time after 1932 and 1984. 2028 Olympic games will take place in The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. According to Casey Wasserman, the LA 2028 bid chairman, “The Olympic movement is the greatest expression of shared human values ever created. I can assure you that LA 2028 is ready.”

We also wish congrats to both the countries.


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