After attending Tuesday meeting of MLB’s competition committee, Joe Girardi said, “I was a little shocked,” after he was dismissed as New York Yankees Manager. Brian Cashman, Yankees general manager, announced Girardi’s dismissal on October 26 and then described the previous week he made the move due to “ability to fully engage, communicate, connect with the playing personnel.”

Girardi mentioned that he was not upset about the statements. He said, “I’m one that (is) pretty aware of what happens and what goes on inside a clubhouse … so I don’t ever worry about that. You know, it’s life”.

“You understand that you have to move on. I invested a lot of time in there and have a lot of great memories there. But this is part of life. When you take a job as a manager, you know that this is a possibility, and you have to deal with this. You also get to deal with the other side, the excitement of being hired. I’ve been on both sides”, Girardi added.

Girardi will not manage the New York Yankees next season but he wanted to remain the member of Major League Baseball’s competition committee. “I’m going to stay with it as long as they want me. That’s kind of what I do”., he said following the Tuesday meeting.

Girardi is also expected to do a broadcasting job of some kind, something he did for the YES Network between managing stints with the Yankees and Marlins. He said, “I’d probably do more of a national thing. I’d think that [YES] would be kind of strange.”


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