Ex-Manchester United footballer and soccer heartthrob, David Beckham, takes on Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay in a head-to-head showdown in the kitchen, on the competitive cooking reality show ‘The F Word’.

The competitive duo had some serious fight talk ahead of their cook-off in a hilarious video.

The pair squared up to each other, in an attempt to intimidate one another despite their smug smiles. Ramsay appeared to be confident in his cooking abilities stating, “No one is ever going to beat me in my own kitchen” although Beckham argued: “He’s not a chef anymore, he’s a TV host.”

While Gordon would appear to be the clear favourite, Beckham is no stranger to the kitchen. Both of them set off to cook a risotto. Beckham’s was a savoury risotto with mushrooms, apsaragus. While the former footballer tried to concentrate on his cooking, Ramsay distracted him by continuously talking.

While Beckham rustles up a asparagus and corn risotto with a pea puree, chef Ramsay cooks up a storm with a crab-infused, creamy risotto. Ramsay quips that Beckham’s cooking skills are like that of a chef. However, he would prefer to have Victoria in the kitchen, rather than the soccer star who then jokingly says how Ramsay himself had served undercooked fish to Victoria at his restaurant!


David Beckham vs. Gordon Ramsay Recipe Challenge | THE F WORD

One of the most anticipated battles of the month !!! Could David Beckham defeat me in my own kitchen ??? Hopefully Laila Ali makes the right choice !! Catch all of last night's fun here >> http://fox.tv/WatchTheFWord

Posted by Gordon Ramsay on Thursday, August 17, 2017


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