We all have one or the other sports enlisted in our favorite list and no doubt at one point or other many of us had idolized the sports stars and had nurtured dreams of being like them. The world of sports is all hard work and glory at its best, bringing name and honor to the best but then there is a dark side to everything and the world of sports was never untarnished.

Here is a list of 7 sports person who were banned for life in sports due to their unexpected and malicious practice that was not at all exceptional. Some names are very popular while others are less. However, they all have done remarkable works in their respective fields until this happened. Check out the list-

  1. Ben Johnson- Track and Field

Well this is a popular name we’ll agree and Ben was considered once to be the fastest man alive. Johnson, a Canadian track and field star broke world record in the 100 meter sprint in the year 1987 World Championships in Athletics and again in the year 1988 broke his own record in Summer Olympics. Time was good for him until his continuous gold wins started creating suspicion and he was tested and came out that he used steroids. As a result Johnson was banned in sports for life and was stripped of all his medals and world records in the year 1988.

  1. Roy Tarpley- NBA

An American professional basketball player, played from 1986 to 1990. Tarpley earned an NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award in 1988 but followed by a positive drug test, Tarpley was permanently banned from NBA in the year 1994. Then again he was officially banned for life in 1995 for alcohol abuse and violating the court’s aftercare program.

  1. Marison Jones- Track and Field

An American former world champion track and field athlete, Marion Jones earned herself 2 gold and 3 bronzes at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Everything was good until in 2007 the federal investigators came asking if she knew Victor Conte. Flatly lying, she tried covering up but this didn’t last for long and finally she was forced to admit that she used steroids and had been doing so since long. She was disqualified along with her 4×400 m relay teammates from winning medals.

  1. Billy Coutu- NHL

A Canadian professional Ice Hockey defenseman and was the only player in NHL history to be banned for life. Popular for starting fights, Coutu was banned in sport in the year 1927 after he attacked a referee in 1927. Coutu claimed he was instructed by his coach to attack the referee. However, in the year 1929, Coutu was allowed to play in minor league hockey but his ban in the professional level was never raised.

  1. Lance Armstrong- Cycling

Considered as one of the best athletes in the world, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times from 1999 to 2005. But things turned out dark when in 2012 he was banned for life in sports and was stripped of all his titles by the Union Cycliste Internationale. This happened as a result of the United States Anti-Doping Agency found evidence that Armstrong had been using steroids all through his career. However, Armstrong denied all the allegations.

  1. Michelle Smith- Swimming

Attracted notable fame in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta and becoming Ireland’s most successful Olympian so far. Having no records of playing better than 17th in any race in any Olympics and Ireland too not having any record in swimming history but then out of the blue at the age of 28 in the year 1996, Michelle won 3 gold and 1 bronze. But then American swimmer Janet Evans after losing to Smith, accused Smith in a press conference of doping. However, it was never proved that Smith used PEDs but her coach did fail a drug test in the year 1993 and Smith was convicted of tempering a urine sample and was banned for life.

  1. Pete Rose- MLB

An American former professional baseball player, Pete Rose was banned for life in his sport when in the year 1989 he was accused of placing bets against his team. During his sports career, Rose won 3 World Series Rings with the Cincinnati Reds but then he was banned from the sport. In the year 1991, the Baseball Hall of Fame denied Rose of any induction and then finally in the year 2004, Rose admitted to placing bets while he was a member of the Reds but continuously denied that he ever bet against the Reds. Even to this day, he is denied admittance in to the Baseball Hall of Fame.





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