Tiger Woods may not play professional golf again. To this Rory McIlroy said that Woods need not prove anything to anyone and can retire from golf without explaining.

On Wednesday, following McIlroy’s finishing his first round at the British Masters, Tiger Woods said that he may not play competitive golf again.

“If he doesn’t play again, then he’s been the greatest player that I’ve ever seen”, McIlroy said,”So if this is it, he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone, not to me, not to us, not to himself. He can walk away from this game with his head held extremely high. He has done wonders for this game.”

Woods and McIlroy

Woods, a fourteen times major winner has gone through multiple back surgeries in recent times. On the eve of Presidents Cup, he said that he doubted that whether he could be a part of would work as a captain’s assistant at the event because riding in a golf buggy “hurt too much”.

When asked about his possibilities to play again in competitive golf again, Woods said that he doesn’t know what his future holds.

Rory McIlroy, a four times major winner said that Woods is the best that he has ever seen.

I don’t think there’s a single figure in golf who did more in terms of bringing different groups of people into the game, different ethnicities, different age groups.”, McIlroy continued,

“He made golf cool in the 90s, when it really needed an injection of something.

So he’s a legend of the game and if this is it, then everyone should just applaud what a great career he’s had.”


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