Sports in USA are an inseparable part of the culture and American do love sports a lot! Soccer being the fastest growing sport in the country followed some of the best loved sports to add up the list. Here are 10 most popular sports loved by the American mass. Check it out-

  1. American Football: undoubtedly this is where American Football deserves its place in the list. Equally enjoying the game either from home or gathering at the stadium whenever possible, the American Football is the sports of the people. The National Football League or the NFL holds the competition and has the highest average attendance of any professional sports league in the world. The Super Bowl which is its championship game ranks among the most watched sporting events in the world.
  2. Baseball: binding Americans into a thread of nostalgia, Baseball has become the nation past time for Americans. In US, two levels are maintained for baseball games-one is the minor league, the other is major league. The game has become a popular trend in the entire world now.
  3. Basketball: according to the National Sporting Goods Association, over 26 million Americans play basketball. Impressive, isn’t it? Well this brings us the popularity ratio of the game here in US. You would find almost every American enjoying this game either playing or watching others play. Over 14000 attendances are recorded for every match of basketball organized by the NBA.
  4. Ice Hockey: again a much loved sports in the list, Ice Hockey was what developed in Canada in 1870s and soon spread to United States. Here in America, it is simply called as hockey. The game is more popular in the Northern part of the America. The National Hockey League enjoys great number of followers and supporters and will continue getting loved as everyone is so in love with this game.
  5. Soccer: another notable game in the list of favorites, soccer may not be as popular as the top four in the list but it totally doesn’t hamper its watchablity. Here in United States, the sport of association football is importantly called as “soccer”. Currently there are 22 teams where 19 are America’s own while 3 belongs to Canada. Soccer registers over 20,000 attendances per game.
  6. Tennis: another most popular game of America, tennis is enjoyed equally by both men and women. The American tennis world some of the most notable and celebrated tennis stars of the modern times including stars like Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Andy Roddick to name a few.
  7. Golf: considered as a popular and sophisticated game around the world, the golf is again one of the most notable games played in America. It is believed that the Europeans brought the game of golf with them and the game started gaining popularity in the Americas by the 19th Westchester claims to be the birth place of American golf. Popular golfer of all times, American athlete, Tiger Woods is a popular name in the world of golf today.
  8. Wrestling: a popular sport today, wrestling is not only liked in America but have become a worldwide sensation today. However compared to games like boxing, martial arts and others, many people like to call wrestling scripted. Now that WWE has gained prominence in popular culture, you can find great crowd gathering to see the stars live. Wrestling stars like John Cena, Edge or the Rock have gained immense popularity.
  9. Motor Racing Sports: another greatest craze is brought up by motor cycle racing and auto car racing. These games are real popular among youngsters. NASCAR, which is one of the most notable organizations in USA, holds the races in America and great crowd gathers every time to witness the splendid sport live.
  10. Badminton: another popular game in the country, Badminton is loved because of its simplicity and the ease of being played anywhere. Simple in its rule and structure, this is another favorite pastime not only in America but around the world.


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