A successful sportsperson not only earns name and fame but also reputed brand names labeled to their image. The recent times had seen the popularizing of several known and reputed brands being endorsed by some of the most successful athletes in the world. Most of us do not even realize how much these athletes make out of these endorsements and sponsorships. Below is a list of some of the most famous athletes from around the world who are really doing it big as brand ambassadors. Here check it out-

  1. Roger Federer- ATP

A quite remarkable name out there! Roger Federer is one of the brightest names in the sports world and no doubt why he tops the chart. This tennis legend along with his exceptional tennis skills and good looks happens to establish track record as one of the greatest men ever to play the game of tennis. Hence, endorsements came easy to him. Federer endorses some of the well-known brands including Gillette, Mercedes Benz, Nike and Wilson. His annual estimation of income from these brands is $58 million.

  1. Tiger Woods- PGA

Wow this man ruled the chart once due to his high stardom in the world of golf and endorsed great number of top brands but due to his PR fiasco of the recent times, he was down the list for some time but his sheer dedication for his work brought back him to the list and Woods is one of the most popular sportsperson and brand ambassador for some of the best brands like Nike, Fathead, Muscle Pharm and Upper Deck. This great golfer earns an estimated sum of $50 million dollars every year from these brands.

  1. Phil Mickelson- PGA

This Masters Title winner is a well-known name in golf but however Mickelson’s career is at its sunset but this isn’t stopping him from the endorsement entitled to his legendary status. The golf star has agreements with brands like Rolex, KPMG, ExxonMobil and Callaway to name a few. Endorsing for these brands Mickelson earns an estimated amount of $44 million each year.

  1. Lebron James- NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers

With his prowess in basketball, James had already earned himself recognition and attracted brands to get his endorsed their names. This talented basketballer is endorsing brands like Coca Cola, Beats, McDonald’s and Beats to name some. These brands and combining some others brings the star an estimated sum of $44 million annually.

  1. Kevin Durant-NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder

Another name in the list of NBA players endorsing popular brands is Durant. He has been really doing great years together. His stunning skills on the game and the stardom pulled several endorsements to his sleeves. Durant still got several years to dedicate to the sport and excel more in his forte. Among the brands that the basketball star endorses are Nike, Sprint and 2KSports bringing him an estimated amount of $35 million every year.

  1. Rory Mcilroy- PGA

A fresh talent in golf, with Mcilroy we have three golf stars in the list already. Although new to the sport comparing to the other two stars from PGA, Mcilroy is here to stay. With his exceptional performance over the recent years and the promise of shining well in the future brings him among the best in the league. He is currently endorsing some of well-known brands like Nike, Bose and EA Sports to list a few. With these endorsements Mcilroy is making an estimated sum of $32 million a year.

  1. Novak Djokovic- ATP

A rising star in tennis, Djokovic is doing great in his field. With years left to excel more in his sport, he is already an exceptional player. Earning global admiration, Djokovic is endorsing currently brands which include Mercedes Benz, Seiko and Adidas and many more which when combined earns him an estimated sum of $31 million annually.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo- La Liga, Real Madrid

One of the best sportsmen the world has ever seen, Ronaldo has conquered everyone’s heart. His talent, skill and of course good looks has made top brands attract towards him to endorse their brands, let alone the huge fan following. Among the brands that Ronaldo endorses are Nike, Samsung, Herbalife, Konami and several others. These brands earns him an estimated sum of $27 million a year. While there are other sportsperson earning the same estimated amount as him, but Ronaldo’s popularity and stardom lists him in this position.

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- ODI, India

Well not a global game though, cricket is not being played worldwide but this star is here     in the list because of his talent and stardom. A remarkable name in the world of cricket, Dhoni is all full of talent and fame with top brands signing him to endorse their names. The brands that the cricket star endorses include PepsiCo, Reebok, Gulf Oil and many more. These brands bring him an estimated sum of $ 27 million a year.

  1. Kobe Bryant- NBA, Los Angeles Lakers

Here is the third name from NBA and its Kobe Bryant. However, Bryant has played his final season with the Lakers, yet he is still on the list because of the many endorsements that he has made of the popular brands. Along with his agreement with the athletic drink Body Armour, Bryant is also endorsing several other brands such as Lenovo, Nike and many earning him an estimated amount of $26 million a year.











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