After being defeated by Trinidad and Tobago 2-1, US Men’s National Team has eliminated from 2018 World Cup. It is for the first time since 1986 that USMNT will not be a part of the World Cup. It was really a embarrassing moment for the team.

Arena said, “We didn’t qualify for the World Cup. That was my job. To get the team qualified for the World Cup. This game in my view was perfectly positioned for the US team and we failed on the day. We have no excuses. We failed today. We should have walked off this field with at least a point.”

USMNT player Omar Gonzalez’s own goal gave the opponent team an early lead. After the game is over, Gonzalez told reporters, “I never thought that I’d see this day. It’s the worst day of my career. I am extremely sad right now. What was supposed to be a celebration is now … I, I don’t even know what to say. It’s terrible. We let down an entire nation today.”

After the news of USMNT’s defeat broke, there are many former USMNT players who expressed their feelings from sorrows to anger on the social media. “I’ve been apart of three World Cup cycles three different managers. but us not qualifying for this World Cup hurts more then me being cut”, Eddie Johnson wrote on Twitter.

“I apologize on behalf of all my brothers to the American fans that make us who we are and I ask you during this difficult time to stand with.”, Johnson added. Paul Caliguiri wrote, “So Sad! 0-1-8 and they beat the US? This hurts” while Heath Pearce tweeted, “USA not qualifying for the World Cup is not a just domestic embarrassment, it’s a global one. By far worst night ever, for US Soccer. BY far”.


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