The final World Cup qualifying match of US’s Men National Team against Trinidad and Tobago will be held at Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva instead of Hasely Crawford Stadium, located in Port of Spain. The new venue has been confirmed by FIFA.

The association has also announced that the match will begin at 8 pm ET on October 10, kicking off simultaneously with the other two matches on the final day of Concacaf’s hex: Costa Rica at Panama and Mexico at Honduras.

Ato Boldon Stadium
Ato Boldon Stadium

With 10,000 seating capacity, Ato Boldon stadium is very small as compared to 27,000-seat Hasely Crawford Stadium. According to country’s federation, the venue has changed due to a problem with the lightning system of the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

A spokesperson for the Trinidad and Tobago federation told ESPN FC that “The Hasely Crawford Stadium currently has major issues with its Mast Lighting System but this in turn gives the FA a boost in its efforts to fully utilize our newly established Home of Football (Ato Boldon Stadium) which was recently designated by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.”

There are other reasons also behind changing the venue, besides improper lightning system. In July, the vice president of the TTFA Ewing Davis told the T & T Guardian, “At the Hasely Crawford Stadium we incur debts of over $120,000 each for the services of both the police and the fire services, which would be much less at the Ato Boldon”.

“There are also additional expenses we have to deal with which I believe will be cheaper at the Couva venue. At the Ato Boldon the players are closer to the crowd and would be impacted by the support of the crowd more than in Mucurapo.”, Davis added.

We wish a good luck to the MNT of United States and hope that they will qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


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