Are you eagerly waiting for next Olympic games? There is no doubt that Olympic games are of huge interest for every sport loving person. There are many games played during Olympics such as basketball, badminton, shooting, diving, boxing and golf. Thus, it offers a great fun to all sports lovers. You must be excited to know which country is going to host upcoming summer and winter Olympic games. So, without any delay, let’s check out the countries selected by International Olympic Committee(IOC) to host future Olympic games.

2018 Winter Olympics:

PyeongChang in South Korea will welcome Winter Olympics in the year 2018. Soohorang, a white tiger has received the honor of becoming a mascot in the 2018 Winter Olympics. The word “Sooho” means protection while “rang” denotes tiger in Korean language and the white color of this animal is related to ice and snow of winter sports. A few days ago, a song called “Let everyone shine” for the torch relay at PyeongChang 2018 was also revealed, must hear this lovely song. The Winter Olympics 2018 will start from February 9 and end on February 25.

2020 Summer Olympics:

The capital of Japan, Tokyo got the honor of hosting 2020 Summer Olympics or Games of the XXXII Olympiad. The most interesting part is that six new games are added to it i.e. baseball, softball, surfing, climbing, karate and roller sport. The event will be held from July 24 to August 9. There are other cities also in Japan which have hosted this event earlier also i.e. Sapporo and Nagano.

2022 Winter Olympics:

2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing, the capital of China. After hosting the event, Beijing will become the largest city to host Winter games after Vancouver. It has also hosted Summer Olympics in the year 2008. You will be able to enjoy Beijing 2022 from February 4 to February 20. The sports that may be played during 2022 Winter Olympics are snowboarding, ice hockey, freestyle skiing, speed skating, alpine skiing etc.

2024 Summer Olympics:

The city of love Paris will host the 2024 Summer Olympics. It will organize the Olympic games for the third time as it had previously hosted 1924 Summer Olympics and 1900 Summer Olympics. The opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 will be on 2 august and closing ceremony on 18 august. The motto of 2024 Summer Olympic is “Made for sharing”.

2026 Winter Olympics:

International Olympic Committee has not yet selected the city to host 2026 Winter Olympics. You will come to know about the host city during the 133rd IOC Session to be held in July 2019 in Italy. According to a report by NBC Sports, the countries that are considering a bid for 2026 Winter Olympics are Sweden, Japan, Canada, Austria and Switzerland.

2028 Summer Olympics:

It is expected that 2028 Summer Olympics will be hosted by Los Angeles of United States. The host city will be announced by International Olympic Committee on September 13, 2017. If Los Angeles is selected for hosting the event, then it will be the fifth time that the United States host the Olympic games.


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