Things aren’t like a fair game in baseball at least for Yuli Gurriel. After hitting a home run off of Yu Darvish of Dodgers’ in the second innings of Game 2, Gurriel mae racist gestures. Shocking!!

Yuli Gurriel, a Cuban professional baseball first batsman of Houston Astros of Major League Baseball gave the Astros a 1-0 lead Friday night with a home run off Yu Darvish in Game 3 of the World Series, then returned to the dugout and appeared to mock the Dodgers pitcher.

Cameras captured Gurriel sitting on the bench and pulling at the sides of his eyes before laughing with teammates, appearing to mimic Darvish, who is Japanese.

After the game, Darvish told reporters Gurriel’s gesture was “disrespectful.”

Yu Darvish is a Japanese-Iranian professional baseball starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball.

“He made a mistake. He’ll learn from it. We’re all human beings,” Darvish added.

The pitcher then told reporters in Japanese that Gurriel should be punished by the league.

The New York Times first reported that MLB will interview Gurriel about the matter and that he may be disciplined.

This is sad where in one hand we speak of living in a world of brotherhood and harmony and then such incidents take place. We just hope Gurriel realizes his mistake and every thing goes back normal and a fair play.


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